Welcome to Umbrella Guardians: The Empty Property Experts.

We offer property owners complete, cost-effective security and protection for vacant properties. How? By providing professional, hard-working individuals with low-cost homes nationwide.

A Property Guardian is more reliable and responsive than the most advanced security systems. A live-in guardian will maintain the condition of your property, and provide the ultimate protection against risks and material damage to empty buildings – including vandalism, theft, squatters, flooding and fire hazards.

Not only do we offer you genuine peace of mind, we will also slash the costs of maintaining your vacant property – including up to 100% savings on traditional security services. Plus, our comprehensive property care services include routine inspections, security checks and maintenance.

So, our mission at Umbrella Guardians is simple: to secure your empty property, save you money and provide an affordable housing solution for trustworthy professionals.

Umbrella Guardians manages all sorts of residential and commercial properties. We offer clear, concise agreements to property owners and Property Guardians, and guarantee five-star, mutually beneficial service for both parties.


No matter how advanced your security system, it will never have the intuition of an on-site real-life person.
Whilst a building is vacant it can suffer from neglect and material damage such as fly tipping or graffiti, particularly if it is vacant for some time.
When your property is left vacant, even for a short period of time, there are a number of security measures that Umbrella Guardians recommend.
See examples of how Umbrella Guardians will provide a comprehensive, professional service to ensure your property is well protected.
Use our cost comparison tool to better understand how you can make savings of up to 80% by housing Guardians in your property
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