At Umbrella Guardians we won’t pull the wool over your eyes. Before you sign any legal contract with us, we will ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of being a Property Guardian.

We don’t offer you a standard tenancy agreement. We offer you a licence, which is non-exclusive, temporary contract for taking up residence in a living space within one of our properties.

The length of each licence depends on the requirements of the client who owns the property. When our contract with a property owner is terminated, we will notify you immediately. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pack your bags and move out straightaway. Just as with many standard tenancy agreements, and in compliance with UK law, we give our Property Guardians 31 days’ notice to vacate the premises.

So, where do I move to then? We hear you ask. If you want to continue being a Property Guardian, we will do our utmost to relocate you into another vacant property managed by us. We cannot 100% guarantee another property will become available, but we have plenty of properties in our portfolio and will do our best to re-home you as quickly as possible.

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