Company History

April 27

The present

Umbrella Guardians employs a team of staff with more than 30 years’ experience in empty property management experience. A leading empty property management company, we are experts across every property sector from large commercial buildings to private homes. Even if we assess your vacant property as unsuitable for Property Guardians, we are armed with industry know-how and contacts to offer you an alternative solution.
January 27

2015 onwards

Within just two years, Umbrella Guardians was well established in the highly competitive Property Guardian industry. Focusing on five-star service and guardian comfort, we were awarded major contracts with local authorities and other major organisations. By this time our range of property care services had expanded from property security, to complete property management of vacant buildings.
November 27


Umbrella Guardians’ property portfolio grew rapidly, expanding from the Greater London to managing vacant properties nationwide
April 6


Umbrella Guardians was launched by a Property Surveyor and a group of Property Developers. Having experienced problems such as theft, vandalism, squatting and high security costs, the group realised a need for a company that would secure and protect vacant properties.

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