Did you know that one of the biggest threats to your empty property is water damage?

Many property owners under estimate the affect water damage can have on their vacant premises. The impact of water ingress can be costly and catastrophic – and is often not covered by insurance if a system ‘drain down’ has not been implemented.

Umbrella Guardians, being experts in empty property management, can provide a range of cost-effective measures to prevent and reduce potential water damage.

As soon as your property is left vacant, Umbrella Guardians can facilitate immediate drain down systems and shutdown services. On the flip side, we can reinstate and reactivate all systems as soon as you’re ready.

Water system drain down

The most effective way to eliminate water damage is by draining down all water systems.

Utility switch off

To reduce the risk of gas leaks and fire hazards, Umbrella Guardians can also switch off all other services such as gas and electricity. In addition, we will take meter readings to ensure there is no discrepancy with previous tenants.

Reinstating your services

As soon as your water and other services are needed, our multi-skilled experts will reinstate your systems at the click of your fingers.

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