Protect your vacant property with the most advanced security system in the world: A live-in Property Guardian.

A state-of-the-art guarding service

A real-life person is the most intuitive, responsive security system you can install in your property. An effective deterrent against vandals, squatters, thieves and trespassers, a Property Guardian provides round-the-clock protection for your valuable property.
Your personal, professional Property Guardian will respond immediately to any on-site events and issues.

Personal property security

The eyes, ears and senses on the ground, your experienced Property Guardian will keep you fully informed about the safety and security of your property. Your personal Property Guardian will help maintain the value of your property and eliminate the risk of damage to your valuable asset.

***Flexible Guarding Solutions

Umbrella Guardians offer various options to protect and maintain your vacant property. Our empty property security packages can be flexed to meet the level of threat to your property. If rapid, remedial action is required, we can assign highly qualified, onsite security guards with immediate effect. Around-the-clock guards are the ultimate deterrent for any threats to your empty property.

Our on-call range of additional guarding services includes:

  • Static guards
  • Dog handlers with dogs
  • Caretakers
  • Close protection officers
As the Empty Property Experts, Umbrella Guardians offer you complete peace of mind by providing the following additional security protection services:

Peace of mind


For effective security across various points of entry, combine our security guard services with advanced building alarm systems. The alarms alert the guard of any breaches, providing immediate response and double the security, without doubling the costs.


Are you concerned that your vacant property is a target for squatters or trespassers? A live-in caretaker is the best deterrent against unwanted visitors, and also means that any potential squatters risk arrest for entering occupied accommodation.


Are you worried a situation might arise that could put your staff or others at risk? Umbrella Guardians can provide fully trained, experienced security guards to offer discreet personal protection.

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