The bottom line is that Umbrella Guardians will save you money while protecting your home to the highest standards.

Traditional property protection services can be costly

Just think, each year you could be forking out as much as:

  • £129,000 for a round-the-clock security guard
  • £64,800 for a monitored alarm system
  • £51,000 for a property that’s boarded up
  • £33,000 for a mobile patrol.

Umbrella Guardians can scrap 100% of these costs, whilst still offering the best security for your vacant property.

Our way of working is effective and simple

  1. You, the owner, sign our agreement
    Contracting us to manage and protect your property using a Property Guardian.
  2. We appoint the Property Guardian/s
    We permit professional, fully-vetted guardians to occupy your property by granting non-exclusive licenses.
  3. You click your fingers to get your secure, well-maintained property back
    As soon as you want your property back, whether it’s been sold, is being renovated or even demolished, we will terminate our agreement with the Property Guardian within 31 days’ of your notification.

Property Guardianship is mutually beneficial

Guardians get affordable accommodation in unique properties that have been left empty. In return, empty property owners get comprehensive protection and security, at a far cheaper price than a conventional security service.

Umbrella Guardians understands and respects the needs of both the property owners and Property Guardians. We guarantee that empty properties will be properly managed, while ensuring that our live-in guardians are well looked after and housed in comfortable accommodation.

How do we check out our Property Guardians?

Umbrella Guardians interviews every prospective Property Guardian to ensure they are professional, responsible, flexible, employed, don’t have a criminal record, have no dependants and no pets.

They must be able to show a passport, references from a landlord and an employer, proof of a regular income (at least three consecutive bank statements) and proof of their current address (recent utility or phone bill).

Additional Services

Our thorough property management service includes monthly inspections to address any maintenance issues, take meter readings and address anything else required by the client.

Committed to making even further savings for property owners, Umbrella Guardians can apply for, and manage, the removal of a property from the Ratings List for Business Rates.

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