So, you want to protect your empty property against the risks of damage, degradation, theft, vandalism and squatting?

Umbrella Guardians are the property security experts you can rely on. We offer a professional, uncomplicated, cost-effective way of protecting your property and keeping it in optimum condition.

Not only will we maintain and manage your building efficiently, we also make it our business to reap genuine financial savings for you, by reducing your empty property insurance and business rate liability.

Understandably, the business rates payable on empty properties are a huge concern for property owners. We recently saved the owner of a large office block in London £700,000 in annual fees. So rest assured that, however big or small your vacant property, we can guarantee to slash your expenditure on bills by negotiating non-domestic rates and business rates mitigation.

You don’t need a towering office block or a luxury mansion to make the most of our service. Umbrella Guardians manages premises of all sizes – from large commercial buildings to residential properties. Our property portfolio ranges from pubs, churches and homes, to retail outlets, tower blocks and housing estates. As well as having an insatiable appetite for London-based properties, we’re also taking on more and more properties across the UK under our wing.

We’re highly professional about our business, but we’re very approachable humans, so come and talk to us about your needs.

In a nutshell

What are the benefits?


  • No tenancy rights will be conferred to the property guardian
  • Clear and concise agreements
  • Termination period of 28 days
  • Professional license agreements


  • Savings of up to 100% on traditional security services
  • Cheaper empty property insurance
  • Business rates mitigation and non-domestic rates
  • Huge savings on repairs and maintenance


  • Regular routine inspections
  • Utility checks and meter readings
  • Leak detection
  • Maintenance package available
  • Easy access for estate agents, viewings, contractors and site visitors

Cost comparison


How will Umbrella Guardians secure and protect your empty property? We offer full management of a range of complimentary services including:

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