How much can I save using Umbrella Guardians?

Up to 70% on the usual costs of ‘mothballing’ an unmanned, vacant property, as well as up to 100% of the cost of traditional security guarding services.

Who are the Property Guardians?

Our guardians are thoroughly vetted individuals who go through an-depth application process. They include working professionals, key workers and mature students. We do not allow dependents or pets.

How do you manage the property guardianship?

We carry out regular inspections to ensure that your property is well kept and the Property Guardian is fulfilling their role to high standards. Any maintenance issues or problems are reported and responded to immediately. We are committed to protecting and looking after your empty property, while saving you money on security.

Is my building suitable?

Buildings must be wind and watertight, and we must be able to reinstate the utility supplies in order for it to be suitable. Umbrella Guardians has the capability to install facilities and refurbish, or create living spaces.

What happens when I want my building back?

We have a 31-day notice period to terminate a contract, after which we hand back your property in a clean, tidy, secure state.

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